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You has designed a couple of bracelets with Monkey-act-web. All You-related things could be found under the WithMAD section of the site. The last bracelet on the this page he designed in 2003.

He also designed a silver earring and a pendant in 2004, also under the WithMAD branding.

You has made comments on the bracelets, saying they were his first collaboration with Monkey, and that it took a long time to design them.

He's also designed other pieces of jewelery for h-Darts, including earrings, bracelets and necklaces. His latest design is a bracelet titled "Earth", which can be seen here.

The best thing from the h-darts collab was this gorgeous but slightly awkward must-show-hands-and-wrists-in-all-shots photoshoot:


You collaborated with Ed Hardy in 2014 on a clothing range.

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