Forget-me-not: a You fansite

About You

Stage Name: You (pronounced 'yuu'), aka YOU, 優, You Kurosaki, 🤖
Plays: Guitar, violin, piano, drums, shamisen
Birthday: 10th February 1974
From: Kyoto, Japan
Height: 186cm (6'2")
Blood Type: A
Guitar Model: Caparison, Mercury
Hobbies: Cooking, photography, motorbikes, martial arts, snowboarding, bowling, reading manga
Likes: Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance, cooking yaki udon, all things robot-themed, collecting plushies

Official Sites & Socials

You has always been an avid blogger and used to have his own site at It contained a short discography, a gallery, links, etc. He also had an old Gackt staff blog and an official Facebook page.

Most recently, he writes in his Ameblo blog and occasionally updates his Twitter account, @yourobot0210.

Designs read more →

You has collaborated with several designers for both jewellery and clothing.


  • He has lots of different nicknames, including "Grapefruit boy" because of Gackt's Mizerable ~Unmei~ photobook, old man, "Big Brother You" (You-ni-san), pole (denchu) because he's tall and quiet. And of course, robot, because of how he moves on stage but also because of how he tends to hide his emotions.
  • He's extremely friendly and laid-back, and known for getting on well with everyone. For example, on a band holiday to Paris he was found laughing with the locals on a night out, despite the language barrier.
  • He really enjoys cooking, especially noodles, and is a bit of a foodie.
  • He's very close friends with Gackt and has lived with him on several occasions.
  • He usually stands on stage left.
  • He is a great photographer and has had his work featured in galleries. He's also hosted his own photo exhibitions, taken photos of Gackt for the monthly fan club magazine and hosted photo contests with the fans.
  • He loves tech and is generally a bit of a geek.
  • He's short-sighted.
  • He's right handed.
  • His left ear is pierced twice.
  • He has an older sister.
  • When he was younger he owned a Harley Davidson motorbike.
  • He thinks he resembles the Takara and Kiddy Land character, Aokubi Daikon. Daikon plushies appeared throughout his old blog behind plates and on top of his laptop in his daily pictures.
  • He's a big fan of Apple products, and is normally seen using a MacBook Pro or iMac. He has a robot-themed USB-C adapter.
  • He read through the whole of City Hunter manga series before a concert on 02.07.02. There are over 30 volumes! You prefers to read through a whole manga series in one go.
  • He married Nana Sakurai in 2014.
  • On 10th February 2018, he announced that he was going to be a father to a mini YOU. He frequently posts about his son on his blog.