Forget-me-not: a You fansite

Where to Buy

There are several places you can buy Gackt, S.Q.F etc releases online.

Both Gackt and S.Q.F are available on most popular music streaming services.

Suggested Merch for You Fans


  • Moon (Gackt): You is heavily featured in the CD booklet
  • The Seventh Night (Gackt): Nice pictures of You and Gackt in the chunky booklet that comes with the CD

Photobooks & Magazines

  • Mizerable ~Unmei~ photobook
  • For Dears
  • Jougen no Tsuki Tour Book
  • The Air Moon (The Crescent side)
  • The Sixth Day & Seventh Night Tour Book
  • Gackt File 1999-2004
  • DIABOLOS tour book

Live Tour DVDs

Any of Gackt's from 2000-2019, but my personal favourites are:

  • Kagen no Tsuki (2002)
  • Jougen no Tsuki (2003)
  • The Sixth Day & Seventh Night (2004)
  • Diablos (2005)
  • Training Days Drug Party (2006)
  • Requiem Et Reminiscence II (2009)
  • Best of the Best - 40th birthday (2013)
  • Last Visualive Saigo no Tsuki (2016)