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CAINS:FEEL was an indie Japanese visual kei (rock/goth) band formed in 1989 (although some sources say 1993) by You and Gackt. The band members were known as troublemakers as they often started fights at local venues, usually between rival bands. They mainly performed locally in Kyoto.

The origin of the name is from Cain and Abel, the sons of Adam and Eve from Genesis in the Old Testament.

At first, they struggled to find a vocalist and after a year of searching, Gackt jokingly suggested that he should do it, but You just laughed. After a couple of arguments and proving each other wrong, You gave Gackt a list of songs to practice and Gackt agreed to take vocal lessons. After a week of lessons, he sung in front of You for the first time, and You's response was, "Why haven't you sung before?". Maybe without You's encouragment, Gackt wouldn't have even considered being a lead vocalist...

After Gackt had decided to be the lead vocalist, him and You recorded some demo songs to help recruit other band members. The majority of songs were written by Gackt and You.

Band Members

Vocals: Gakuto (Gackt)
Guitar: You, Nao
Bass: Ren
Drums: Kazu, Ichirou
Keyboard: Reiona

They disbanded in 1995 when Gackt decided to move to Tokyo to join Malice Mizer as their vocalist. After the split, You became a studio guitarist for several different bands in Kyoto.

Demo Tapes

They made a demo tape in 1994, of which there were two versions: green and brown.

Whilst they recorded a lot of songs for these demo tapes, they only chose to include a couple. Some of the songs were later used by Gackt in his solo career (etude was used on Love Letter, refrain was renamed to Solitude ~regret~ and performed during the Jougen no Tsuki 2003 tour).


Vocals: Gaku (Gackt)
Guitar: You
Bass: Ren
Drums: Kazu (studio drummer)

Green version:

  1. ~lie~ [youtube]
  2. MARINE BLUE no kazeni dakarete (marine blueの風に抱かれて) [youtube]
  3. etude [youtube] [lyric translation]

Brown version:

  1. refrain
  2. ~lie~ [youtube]
  3. MARINE BLUE no kazeni dakarete (marine blueの風に抱かれて) [youtube]
  4. etude [youtube] [lyric translation]

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