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In 1996, Malice Mizer organised a series of events to celebrate their 4th anniversary, called 喜劇の晩餐~VISUAL ART COLLECTION VOL.1~, made up of performances by cover bands each band member had put together. The first event was held on 8th November 1996 at Shibuya ON AIR WEST, a small venue that holds about 600 people. It was reviewed in Fool's Mate 02.1997, which is where the photo is from.

Gackt described the cover band he put together in the Malice Mizer fanclub magazine Ma chérie (vol. 2&3). He first called Maschera, another visual kei band that were active at the time, who were excited to perform with him. He then called You and invited him to perform as well, "We spent 2-3 hours on the phone discussing details, chose the songs to perform and arranged a meeting."

The final line-up included Gackt, You, all of Maschera (Michi on vocals, Takuya on guitar, Hiro on bass, Tomo on drums) and Makoto (another old friend of Gackt's).

Massive thank you to Ryuik for the information and photo.

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